In the last 6 days, almost 3,000 trucks carrying 20,000 tons of humanitarian aid came to Ukraine, – PM

Heroic people of Ukraine!

The 13th day of Ukrainian hell for the Russian aggressor is underway.

Our military is confidently holding the line in the south, north, and east of the country, leaving the invaders no chance of encircling major cities.

Kharkiv, Mykolayiv, Mariupol, Sumy – these names are known today all over the world.

In areas close to the combat zones, our heroic pilots, National Guard officers, and Territorial Defense fighters effectively repel airstrikes and aerial attacks by the enemy’s forces on civilians and critical infrastructure.

Under the circumstances, all of us have to transform our lives under the “Martial Law Economy” conditions. Every Ukrainian citizen today should ask himself or herself a question – how exactly can I be efficient to the army, country, state?

And to realize that war is not just a front. War is also a home front that must be reliable and stable.

In times of war, it is difficult to do everyday work, you want to see your personal contribution to the victory here and now. But everyone should mind their own business and be where he or she belongs to.

It is also heroism for everyone to manage to overcome yourself against the backdrop of constant air raid warnings, feelings of anxiety for your relatives and stress, and go to work day after day and do your job. You are all heroes because you work in your country during the war.

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The Government also continues to work for our victory.

One week ago, a Coordination Center was established to ensure receiving and distributing humanitarian assistance. We have simplified and further simplify the rules for importing such goods, we remove most of the bureaucratic procedures on a daily basis.

And on behalf of the Government, I would like to thank our partners, all the people who are lending a helping hand to Ukraine today.

In the last 6 days, almost 3,000 trucks carrying 20,000 tons of humanitarian aid have crossed the Ukrainian border. These are mainly food, clothing, medicines, and medical supplies that the Government is already sending to the regions.

In addition, more than UAH 10 billion was transferred to an account specially created by the National Bank of Ukraine to support our army.

We want to thank everyone who helps Ukraine. And for formal assistance. And for the real friendly support!

The Cabinet of Ministers, meanwhile, is working to ensure that the most vulnerable population groups receive uninterrupted support.

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The Government has adopted a decision that assistance to low-income families, single mothers, children with serious illnesses, and payments to internally displaced persons will be prolonged and there is no need to apply to the social security authorities.

The second essential direction is benefits and subsidies. The Government has changed the procedure for their accrual. If the local social protection authorities are unable to perform their functions, all payments will be made directly by the Ministry of Social Policy through the Oschadbank branches, even if the beneficiaries have accounts in other banks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers and social workers who during the war are rendering assistance to those who need such aid the most today – the elderly, the disabled, the critically ill.

As long as we care about the weakest among us, we are human. We are the people who are invincible! Who will defeat the darkness!

Glory to Ukrainian citizens! Glory to Ukraine!