If the nuclear threat is fulfilled, the top of the Russian Federation can be destroyed even before that, – military expert

Russian President Vladimir Putin has painted himself into a corner by announcing mobilization. This point of view was expressed by a military expert, reserve colonel, and military pilot Roman Svitan on the FREEDOM TV channel.

According to him, this is an extreme step, after which the President of the Russian Federation is thinking of using nuclear weapons.

After the statement by Putin and his henchmen about the possibility of using nuclear weapons, the signatories of the nuclear memorandum are discussing retaliatory measures in the event of such a step by the Russian Federation, Svitan said.

“I think the issue has already been resolved among the signatories of this Budapest Memorandum, including the United States, China and England. There are countries that have nuclear weapons. They will already be taking measures, most likely a preemptive strike. Before such a decision is either made by the Russians, or some kind of movement is launched to transport nuclear weapons from Mexico to the places of collection of nuclear warheads and places of use, ” – Svitan said.

He estimated the impossibility of Russia’s use of nuclear weapons at 99%.

“West countries simply won’t let Putin to do this. This is a whole system, which is built both in Russia itself and in the world on mutual control over the movement of nuclear charges, their number and use, will not allow the Russian Federation to use these weapons at different stages,” – the expert noted .

Svitan suggested that in the case of intentions to fulfill such a threat, a decision could be made to destroy the top authorities of the Russian Federation even before that.

“Most likely, it is this option that will be used as soon as they have such an idea to actually carry out this threat. This is the most painless, easiest option for the world to simply destroy the decision-making center: Putin, plus the entire military-political leadership of the Russian Federation, ” – added the reserve colonel.

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