Germany proposes to place migrants from Belarus in Ukraine

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German MP Nils Schmid suggests that the EU ask Ukraine for help in accommodating migrants who are breaking to Europe through Belarus.

Schmid, an expert on foreign policy issues of the Social Democratic Party faction in the German Bundestag, expressed his proposal to German radio, UA reports.

According to him, the EU is looking for ways to stop or at least regulate migration through Belarus. The German politician stressed the need to establish legal order at the EU’s external borders.

“We need to talk about this with neighboring countries, such as Ukraine, which could temporarily place migrants on its territory while they are undergoing the asylum procedure. This will create a controlled route for migrants to Poland” – Schmid said.

The deputy also called for depriving airlines that deliver migrants to Belarus of the right to take off and land. He also criticized the actions of Polish border guards to expel migrants who are forcibly breaking into Poland, noting that Poland must act in accordance with international humanitarian law.

To remind, illegal migrants from Belarus may try to enter the European Union not only through Poland but also through Ukraine.

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