When Russia runs out of money for the war: Kamelchuk’s opinion

Russia will begin to feel the effects of sanctions as early as 2024. Over the next 4-5 years, the demand for Russian gas and oil supplies to other countries will drop sharply. This opinion was voiced on the air of the telethon “Ukraine Speaks” by TV channels “Dom” and UA, People’s Deputy of Ukraine (the Servant of the People faction) Yuriy Kamelchuk.

The deputy explained how Russia’s resources will critically decrease:

“In fact, we will see a decrease in the Russian budget and, accordingly, a reduction in subsidies for the regions. After that, a period of riots from the regions can absolutely realistically come, since they will understand that they are no longer so dependent on Moscow. And in principle, financial resources will gradually run out.”

Kamelchuk told how we can make such forecasts:

“We can only pre-evaluate it by some parameters. When the money for the war runs out – the question is realistic. It will be strongly felt by the Russians a little later. So far, they see it only by the fact that some goods are missing, and some goods are imported illegally. In Russia, smuggling was officially allowed – to import goods that suppliers do not want to deliver directly. That`s why, they work in the Russian Federation through other countries, for instance, Iran or Turkey.”

He summed up how the problem of impoverishment will proceed in the capital of Russia:

“Money will most likely not run out quickly in Moscow itself or in the Central District. We understand that Putin will be the last to become poorer. Everyone below will have just most of the problems associated with it.”

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