Ukraine celebrates Independence Day (PHOTOS)

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On Tuesday, August 24, Ukraine celebrates 30th anniversary of its independence.

UA writes about it.

The center of Kyiv is closed for traffic from 8:00 until the end of the festivities.

This year, as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, festive events are taking place across the country. They began on August 22 and will last until August 24. They are all united by the slogan “You are my only one”.

16:03 In Odessa, the audience was shown the passage of warships, boats and vessels with the development of demonstration elements of the use of forces and means of the Navy, the flight of naval aircraft and the Air Force, the passage of ships and boats of partner countries, the State Border Service of Ukraine, naval search-rescue service and yachts of the Odessa regional Federation of sailing.

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На зображенні може бути: одна або кілька осіб та на відкритому повітрі
На зображенні може бути: на відкритому повітрі
На зображенні може бути: літак та на відкритому повітрі
На зображенні може бути: літак та на відкритому повітрі
На зображенні може бути: на відкритому повітрі
На зображенні може бути: на відкритому повітрі
На зображенні може бути: на відкритому повітрі
На зображенні може бути: на відкритому повітрі

14:40 Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences, who are in Antarctica, at the “Academician Vernadsky” station, congratulated fellow citizens on Independence Day.

“We, 12 participants of the 26th Ukrainian Antarctic expedition, being at the scientific station “Academician Vernadsky ” 15 thousand kilometers from home, greet the native country from the most remote corner of the Earth, where our state flag is flying. We represent different regions of Ukraine… Despite the fact that we are amazed by the grandeur and beauty of Antarctica, our hearts beat in unison with the hearts of all Ukrainians. And although there is nowhere to go from homesickness and the desire to see relatives, we are happy to represent the interests of our state here. Congratulations to Ukraine on the anniversary. We wish it development, victories and prosperity. We believe in its success just as much as we believe in the success of our mission in Antarctica” – polar scientists said.

14:24 Google dedicated a doodle with the image of a Cossack boat to the Independence Day of Ukraine. It was created using the traditional colors of the Ukrainian flag and trident.

12:17 The military parade is over.

11:30 The parade was attended by servicemen of partner countries and allies of Ukraine. These are Great Britain, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and the United States. The planes have also flown over the capital. In particular, the world’s largest transport aircraft ANTONOV 225 “Mriya” took part in the event.

Photo: UA
Photo: UA

10:56 At the opening of the parade President said that Ukraine will begin the process of returning the remains of prominent Ukrainians who died abroad.

“We will return not only our own people, but also our own history. I am talking about historical and cultural values remaining abroad. We will not give a single stone of our history. We will not allow to occupy any page of our history, annex our writers, scientists, heroes who defeated Nazism” – President said.

Zelenskyy added that Ukraine is a young country, but with a thousand-year history. According to him, Ukrainians are building their house on the land where Ukrainian ancestors lived. Ukrainians are not guests or visitors. Ukrainians are a young family coming from the glorious dynasty of Kiyvan Rus-Ukraine. From the family of founders, baptists. From a brave family of wise Cossacks.

“We are descendants of a powerful country. But we must not only feel accordingly, we must behave accordingly” – President stressed.

10:30 Volodymyr Zelenskyy introduced a new holiday – the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, signing a decree.

10:05 Solemnities begin.

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09:56 On the occasion of celebration, about 10 thousand policemen and servicemen of the National Guard are closely monitoring public safety in Kyiv.

09:31 The Verkhovna Rada will hold a solemn meeting today. It will start at 13.00. And after it – an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada.

09:15 In Kyiv, the last preparations are underway before the celebrations on the occasion of Independence Day and the parade of troops begin.

Soldiers are lining up in the Khreshchatyk street.

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