The Russian Federation does not negotiate the continuation of gas transit through Ukraine after 2024 – Vitrenko

Photo Ukrinform

The Russian Federation may suspend gas transit to Ukraine in 2024.

This was stated in an interview with Reuters by the chairman of the board of Naftogaz of Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko, UA reports.

Unlike the European partners, the Kremlin is not even going to start negotiations on renewing the contract, Yuriy Vitrenko stressed. The current agreement on gas transit was signed in 2019 as a result of trilateral talks between Ukraine-Russia and the European Commission.

“We are discussing this with the Americans and the Germans. Each side would like an extension of the transit agreement, but the Russians do not even want to start a conversation. Although Naftogaz was involved in the Nord Stream-2 certification process, the Ukrainian side has no mechanisms to stop the decision to launch it. Ukraine will apply to an international court if the gas pipeline is given a permit and certificates for a full-fledged launch contrary to the requirements of European law” Vitrenko said.

To remind United States will continue to impose sanctions against Nord Stream-2.

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