Occupants detained 20 Crimean Tatars in Crimea

Photo Crimean Solidarity

Crimean Tatars came to the so-called “Crimean garrison military court” to take part in the court hearing in the case of the “Krasnogvardeysky group in the Hizb ut-Tahrir”. As a result, they were detained by the occupants.

This is reported by UA with reference to “Crimean Solidarity”.

Administrative protocols were drawn up against 15 Crimean Tatars and demanded explanations. Coordinator of the “Crimean Solidarity” Dilyaver Memetov said that during the year there was a practice not to let listeners into the territory of the “court”, explaining this by a ban on mass events during a pandemic. The occupants began to detain them.

Later, five more Crimean Tatars were detained. For all the detainees, administrative protocols are drawn up for “organizing a mass stay of citizens in public places, which entailed a violation of public order.” For this they face up to 15 days of arrest.

Later, the occupants released the five detained elderly people under the obligation to appear at the “court session” on October 12. And after some time, five more detainees were released from the department. Administrative protocols were drawn up according to them.

The coordinator of the “Crimean Solidarity” Dilyaver Memetov and the activist Reshat Paralamov were not released from the police and sent to a temporary detention center in Simferopol.

Administrative protocols were drawn up for both activists. They were detained at 11.30 and held at 12.00 in the “police”.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the detention in Prague at the request of Ukraine of a participant in the occupation of Crimea.