Mayors of Ukraine’s cities appeal to municial authorities all over the world: Demand from your govts to declare no-fly zone over Ukraine

The mayors of a number of Ukrainian cities appealed to municipal authorities around the world to support the demands to close the skies over Ukraine and strengthen sanctions against Russia, as well as Ukraine’s aspirations for European and Euro-Atlantic integration. Ukrainska Pravda outlet reported this.

“You can be a powerful voice that influences the decision-making of your country’s leadership. Demands and statements of associations of mayors and local self-government bodies, local deputies representing political parties must be loud in order to be heard. Help us protect our children and women as we would help protect yours,” the open letter says.

This appeal has already been supported by representatives of almost 800 communities all over Ukraine, the collection of signatures continues.

The leaders of Ukrainian communities ask the leaders of local self-government of the world in their countries to address the leadership of the state and thus influence the preservation of lives and the defense of peace and independence of Ukraine.

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Ukraine urgently needs protection from Russian bombs. The country’s air defense forces are doing a heroic job of countering Russia’s missile strikes, but they are overmatched. NATO must step up to help prevent further devastation by declaring a no-fly zone over Ukraine. In the past, the West has imposed such zones over Libya, Bosnia, and Iraq. Ukraine is deserving of its help too.