Ihor Yaremenko: The Russian Federation is forced to return to the fold of international law sooner or later

Photo from website armyinform

Deputy Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Ihor Yaremenko is convinced that Russia must adhere to the norms of international law. And if necessary, add new rules.

It is reported by UA.

What could be next as a result of the work that Ukraine is carrying out at the international level, and what is the quintessence of all this – the Deputy Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Ihor Yaremenko answered the question of the host during the special broadcast on the “Dom” channel.

Diplomacy does not provide for quick results and decisions. We already have 9 resolutions. Since 2016, the UN General Assembly has decided, in my opinion, the main one. It is that the Russian Federation directly called an occupying country. This means that such a country has obligations within the framework of international law” – the deputy minister said.

Ihor Yaremenko is one of the authors of the resolution on human rights in Crimea. Therefore, he is clearly convinced that Russia must return to the “fold of international law”.

“The Russian Federation is violating international rules now. At the moment when Russia realizes that it is necessary to return to the framework and return the territories, it is necessary to give a clear definition of what is happening now. This is the work of diplomacy” – he said.

When asked how Zelenskyy’s messages at the UN can affect relations with Russia, Ihor Yaremenko answered succinctly.

“In contrast to the President’s speech, I heard Russia’s speech. And I would not expect something serious from this speech” – the deputy minister said.

He added that all the countries that are in the hall are very actively monitoring the messages that are voiced from the rostrum. And once again he emphasized that there is no need to wait for a solution to Ukraine’s problems quickly.

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