Euromaidan, the “gold” of Ukrainian biathletes: the main events of the country in 2013

Photo Ukrinform

The people of our country remembered 2013 by the refusal of the Ukrainian authorities to sign the Association Agreement with the EU. As a result, people went on protest, which turned into Euromaidan. Also this year, protests in Vradiyivka attracted the public’s attention. And Ukrainian biathletes pleased the country with gold awards.

We tell about it in the new issue of the documentary series “30 years of Independence” on the UA TV channel.

February 52 – so called March 23 in Kiev. There has been no such snowfall for 30 years. The main accessories of spring suddenly became a shovel and a snowboard.

Despite the snow records, Ukraine is traditionally unlucky with winter sports – for example, the last “gold” at the Winter Olympics was in the 94th. But in 2013, it turns out that Ukrainian women shoot best of all. Biathlon is now a national pride. Olena Pidhrushna won the gold medal at the world championship. In the World Cup, the whole team won gold at once – Olena Pidhrushna, Yulia Jyma, Valya and Vita Semerenko. In the same lineup in a year they will win the Sochi Olympics.

“Ok, let’s be serious. Who is ready to go to the Maidan by midnight today? Likes do not count. Only comments under this post with the words “I’m ready”. As soon as there are more than a thousand, we will get organized” – this post of journalist, Stop Censorship activist Mustafa Nayyem is considered to be the starting point of Euromaidan-2013. After that, people really came to the square.

Nayyem’s post comes after a sudden decision by the Azarov government to suspend association with the EU. It was prepared for years and was to be signed in a week.

But now Azarov explains that Russia and its alternative cooperation organization, the Customs Union, are in fact blackmailing Ukraine. The association envisages increased trade with the EU – and this is not suitable for Russia.

“Russia sharply intensified in 2013, especially in the autumn of 2013, and then, according to various sources, Putin actually twisted Yanukovych’s hands, forcing him to refuse to sign an association agreement” – said political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko.

Those who waited for the association understand only one thing – “Europe is moving away”.