Erdogan says Turkey ready to mediate between Ukraine and Russia

Photo Ukrinform

Press secretary of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin has said that Ankara is seriously concerned over the tensions between Russia and Ukraine and is ready to play a part in de-escalating the situation, Interfax writes.

“We call on both sides to reduce the level of tension as soon as possible in order to take the necessary steps to prevent a military conflict in Donbas in eastern Ukraine. In this regard, our president told Zelensky and Putin that Turkey and he himself is ready to play its part in this process, to make a contribution,” said Kalin.

According to him, “in this issue, the reduction of tension is in the interests of everyone.”

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“In other words, if there is a role that Turkey can play in the implementation of the policy of so-called reasonable diplomacy and an effective diplomatic process during this period, then of course, our President will gladly fulfill it,” the press secretary of the Turkish leader said.

According to him, it is Turkey that can help in resolving the situation, given that “Ankara has good relations with both countries.” He noted that Ankara is watching the situation with concern.

Kalin also expressed the opinion that “in a global context, it is worth talking about the confrontation between Russia and NATO, Moscow and the West.”

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