“We’ll see” – Biden on possibility of holding summit with Putin

Photo Ukrinform

The American media are discussing the possibility of Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin’s personal participation in the negotiations on the Strategic Stability Dialogue, scheduled for January 10.

That’s according to the Voice of America, Ukrinform reports.

When asked by the press on Tuesday whether he will meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on January 10, U.S. President Joe Biden said: “We’ll see.”

This is the day when U.S. and Russian government delegations are due to hold talks on security in Europe, the report explains.

According to the publication, the White House did not respond to a Reuters inquiry to comment on whether Biden meant these precise talks when answering questions about the prospects of meeting with Putin.

It is noted that the talks, whose exact date was announced on Monday, will discuss fears of the United States and its allies over the mounting tensions around Ukraine.

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