Venedyktova: Ukraine has applied to Iran in the case of shooting down an UIA plane

Photo Facebook Iryna Venedyktova

The Office of the Prosecutor General appealed again to Iran to familiarize with the case file on the shooting down of a Ukrainian plane near Tehran.

Prosecutor General Iryna Venedyktova said this, reports UA.

According to her, in 2.5 months is the second anniversary of the shooting down of a Ukrainian plane near Tehran, where 176 people died.

“Two of them are the wife and 9-year-old daughter of Hamed Esmailion, a Canadian of Iranian descent and president of the Association of Families of PS752 Flight Victims. Together with the Assistant Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Mavurnin Mooney, he paid a visit to the Office of the Prosecutor General” – the Prosecutor General said.

Venedyktova expressed condolences in connection with the losses of Canada, which is the 2nd country in terms of the number of civilians killed in Iran, “and Mr. Hamed, who united the families of victims in grief and the struggle for justice, which is also our task”.

Ukraine is conducting a pre-trial investigation in conditions of extraterritoriality, without access to the wreckage of the aircraft, key witnesses and suspects.

“It is a pity that the affected countries refused to create a joint investigation team, which would facilitate and speed up the pre-trial investigation. However, Canada is our largest partner in this case and in every possible way contributes to the establishment of truth” – Iryna Venedyktova said.

According to head of the Prosecutor General’s Office, one of the tools actively implemented during the investigation is requests for international legal assistance, of which 24 were sent.

“At the same time, deadlines for their implementation in the context of a global pandemic are too long. The Iranian side has not provided full answers to the Ukrainian requests for international legal assistance, and left the last of them without any response at all” – Venedyktova said.

In Iran, according to the Prosecutor General, there is their qualification of the event.

“There is our own case, to the materials of which we do not have access. This year Iran announced the transfer of its case on 10 suspects to court, but information about them is hidden. In the Ukraine-Iranian negotiations, we heard proposals from the Iranian side about possible forms of cooperation, which remained just promises” – added Prosecutor General.

She said that the Office of the Prosecutor General in October appealed to the competent authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran to get answers and resolve the issue of familiarizing Ukrainian prosecutors with the materials of the Iranian case.

Ukraine and Canada are closely cooperating in order to obtain from Iran adequate compensation for the relatives of the victims of the UIA plane crash.

Earlier, Ukraine joined the statement of the UK, Canada and Sweden on Iran’s shooting down of flight PS752.