Ukraine’s defense capability: what do we have to know. ‘5 questions’ program with expert Vladyslav Selezniov

Photo Ukrinform

NATO, the EU and other allies will support Ukraine in the comprehensive development of its defense capabilities. This position proves the unity of Ukrainian partners.

Military expert Vladyslav Selezniov told what help should Ukraine expect, giving an interview to the UA TV program ‘5 questions’.

Oleh Borysov hosts the program.

– Can we say that the European Union, Great Britain and the United States of America are united in the issue of Ukraine’s defense capabilities?

– Of course, the countries of the collective West are well aware that today Ukraine is on the verge of attack. In fact, the Ukrainian army is deterring the aggression of a neighboring state – the Russian Federation. Of course, the countries of the collective West are interested in making this deterrence as effective as possible. Because if Ukraine falls – the collective Europe will follow.

That is why all the forces and means of both countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom are aimed at ensuring Ukraine’s defense capabilities at a sufficient level. We see military-technical assistance complexes of our overseas partners. Literally the other day we receive help from our Lithuanian friends. There is a decision of the United Kingdom to provide us with financial resources, including funds that will be used to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

– After the conversation between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, can we say that the intensification of aggression against Ukraine by Russia is paused? And what can Ukraine do now to strengthen its defense capabilities?

– I am quite careful about the insider information that follows the results of the negotiations in the format of a video conference between Mr. Biden and Mr. Putin. Because the clear information that was said during this dialogue is known to a very small circle of people.

Of course, we must understand that Vladimir Putin clearly captures the tendencies and positions of the collective West, which is categorically opposed to the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine. It is obvious to the whole world.

We must use the period that Ukraine has won to strengthen the defense capabilities of our army. Because our most important allies, no matter how banal it may sound today – are our own Armed Forces and Navy. Thanks to these two components, the state of Ukraine is able to ensure the territorial integrity and independence of its territory. We need to strengthen the defense potential of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex and develop the Armed Forces.

– What equipment does the Ukrainian army need now?

– Today we need modern, high-tech and high-precision equipment. We are well aware that wars of the second half of the twentieth century and in the first half of the twenty-first century are unlikely to be fought. We must clearly understand that in a modern war, the party that has the most modern military technology and is able to use it as effectively as possible, wins.

Among the main aspects that determine the readiness of the army of any country to withstand hostilities – is the motivation of personnel. But, in any case, modern military technology in modern warfare can win. All other components – be it tanks, armored vehicles, aircraft, missile systems – is a secondary issue, it is more about representatives of the defense industry and the activities of officials, interaction of those officials with representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Those officials can determine what money available in the state budget should be spent for with maximum efficiency.

– President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has repeatedly stressed the need to actively develop the Navy. Given the current environment, how long will it take?

– We need to understand the goals we set. Because the capabilities of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in the Black and Azov Seas are very serious. In a relatively short time, the Russian Federation is able to transfer warships from other fleets.

I would emphasize asymmetric actions, using ‘Neptune’ systems and other missile systems that are capable of destroying enemy manpower weapons over long distances using high-precision guidance means.

The fleet will be effective when it develops in a complex, and all components of the Navy will develop as harmoniously as possible, without missing any of the components of the Navy.

– You’ve mentioned the ‘Neptune’, explain what is the advantage of this system?

– First and foremost – the warhead of this missile is able to hit the target. Any attempt to influence on the combat component of this missile by modern means of electronic warfare does not give a sufficient result. That is, the operator of this missile installation actually executes a combat mission in 100 cases out of 100.