The Nord Stream-2 certification has been suspended by Germany – what is a reason


Germany has suspended the certification process for Russia’s Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

This is reported by press service of the regulator, UA informs.

The German regulator believes that the Nord Stream-2 operator should have an organizational form in accordance with German law.

“Nord Stream 2 AG, headquartered in Zug (Switzerland), has decided not to change its legal form, but instead to establish a subsidiary in accordance with German law solely to manage the German part of the pipeline” – the statement said.

The process will continue after the completion of the establishment of a subsidiary in Germany for the German part of the highway. Once these requirements are met, the regulator will be able to renew its expertise, prepare a draft decision and submit it to the European Commission for a final decision.

To remind, Russian gas monopoly Gazprom announced the completion of Nord Stream-2 in September. It should start working no earlier than March 2022.

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