Putin understands only force – economic or military – US senator on support for Ukraine

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The U.S. government and people support Ukraine in resisting Russian aggression. The states will continue to help with weapons, as well as develop other areas of Ukrainian-American relations.

This was announced today, January 17, in a commentary to UA TV channel by US Senator from Connecticut, a member of the Democratic Party, Richard Blumenthal.

“I think we should impose sanctions against Putin if there is a question against Ukraine. Putin understands only force – it is economic or military force. We have to supply Ukraine with weapons, and sanctions will also put enormous pressure. We have to stay on top” – he said.

Blumenthal stressed that there is unity in the US Congress in general and in the Senate in particular regarding support for Ukraine.

“There is great unity. And our government, and more importantly, our people support Ukraine. We recognize that Ukraine is fighting for its independence and freedom against a powerful aggressor. We will continue this fight” – he added.

The senator recalled that the United States has several scenarios in the event of an expansion of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

“There are many scenarios, and now there are a lot of different concerns about what Putin’s goal is, what he will do. Whether it invades from the north or east to capture more territory, or it uses hybrid warfare methods – cyberattacks, military operations, disinformation – you need to be ready for any threats. All this is meant to destabilize and divide. He wants to divide Western democracies” – Blumenthal said.

He is confident that the Ukrainians are able to continue to resist Russian aggression.

“I think that Ukrainians have one very important thought that Vladimir Putin does not have, which is love for freedom and democracy, for the defense of their land, their people. If he invades, then the defense will overcome him” – the senator said.

Blumenthal assured that in 2022 Ukraine will also receive assistance from the United States, in addition, Ukrainian-American relations will continue in other areas.

“The United States will provide military assistance on an ever-increasing scale. So Ukraine will be able to defend itself with lethal weapons. But there is also a shared economic interest as well as a cultural interest – for example, many people with Ukrainian roots in my state of Connecticut. And I personally have friends. So we have a very strong balance of friendship and culture” – he concluded.

Earlier, US Senator Mitt Romney said that Vladimir Putin should not be allowed to revive the Soviet Union.

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