Putin’s plan is to destroy Ukraine as a state – Danilov

Photo Ukrinform

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to destroy Ukraine as a state.

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the Security and Defense Council expressed this opinion in an interview with Ukrayinska Pravda, UA writes.

“Let’s start from the beginning. What is Putin’s plan? It is quite simple, we talk about it publicly – this is the destruction of us as a state” – he said.

According to Danilov, first Russia occupied Crimea, then part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in order to divert attention from the peninsula.

“What is Putin’s plan today? Internal destabilization in our country. If only an internal destabilization occurs, then he will be able to use it in order to do his dirty work. Dot. If there is no internal destabilization, it will be much more difficult to fulfill the tasks that they have set for themselves” – said the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

According to Danilov, speaking globally, Putin seeks to recreate the “Soviet empire” and without Ukraine, this will not be possible.

“I mean, it can be, but a dwarf. However, before encroaching on someone else’s territory, Russia needs to deal with its own huge problems and challenges” – Oleksiy Danilov added.

Earlier, director of the Eurasian Center at the Atlantic Council (USA), US Ambassador to Ukraine (2003-2006) John Herbst on the air of UA, international broadcasting of Ukraine, said that the war in Donbas does not achieve its goal, therefore Putin threatens with a full-scale invasion.

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