Occupation “authorities” in Donbas are planning to transfer the educational sphere to the standards of the Russian Federation – Security Service of Ukraine

Photo from website ssu.gov.ua

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed new evidence of the institutional presence of the Russian Federation in the occupied part of Donbas. In particular, the occupants in the so-called “DPR” are completing the “reform” of the educational and scientific industry, transferring education to the standards of the Russian Federation completely.

This is reported by UA with the reference to the Security Service of Ukraine press center.

For example, Russian state bodies already recognize higher education diplomas that were issued in the so-called “DPR”. At the same time, “Ministry of Education of DPR” is now headed by a representative of the state security bodies of the Russian Federation.

Also, the officers of the Security Service of Ukraine found that in 2016 the occupation “authorities” of the so-called “DPR” adopted the concept of reforming education and science of the unrecognized “republic” for 2016-2021. Its main goal is to introduce Russian standards in the educational sphere.

At the moment, the self-proclaimed power of the “DPR” is trying to enter all illegally issued diplomas in the general educational register of the Russian Federation.

The Security Service of Ukraine noted that all the materials received will be used as an evidence base in the relevant criminal proceedings.

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