Markarova about the preparation of “Plan B” to contain the Russian Federation

Photo Ukrinform

The United States and Ukraine are working towards a common diplomatic containment of Russia. However, “Plan B” is also being prepared.

Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova said this in an interview with “Livyi Bereh” publication,  UA reports.

According to her, Washington knows about the threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty and is not ready to give in. Therefore, the West is preparing for “Plan B”.

“We have heard some signals. First, nothing about Ukraine will be decided without Ukraine. Second: a clear signal that relations between Ukraine and NATO are exclusively relations between Ukraine and the Alliance member states. The third question is that the United States has once repeated the negotiations. This is always a good option, and, of course, they are for dialogue,”- explained Markarova.

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