Documentary series about the Independence of Ukraine was presented in Kyiv

Photo Ukrinform

A documentary ten-episode series about the historical events that led Ukraine to freedom in the last century, “10 Days of Independence “, was presented in Kyiv.

This is reported by Ukrinform.

The creators of the series at a press conference said that they aimed to show that August 24, 1991 – is not the starting point in the Independence of Ukraine.

In particular, according to the participants of the press conference, this year Ukraine celebrated the anniversary – 30 years since the proclamation of the Act of Independence of Ukraine. Much has been said about this day, but focusing on the events of August 24, 1991, showing the background and consequences of that day. Instead, the team of the historical series “10 Days of Independence” decided to look at Ukrainian Independence differently.

“We decided to take a more global approach to this topic, provide a broader context and show that this day has deep historical roots. We said that the history of this day lasted for almost a hundred years, and the first attempt to gain Independence dates back to January 22, 1918 – it was then that the Fourth Universal was proclaimed, which first proclaimed Ukrainian Independence. In fact, the first series of our historical series is dedicated to this event” – said one of the co-authors of the project, historian Volodymyr Vyatrovych.

The next steps taken by Ukrainians during the twentieth century were also a step towards Independence, which Ukraine won both in the Soviet Union and on the Maidans.

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