Ukrainian vaccine against COVID-19 to be tested in Poland

Photo Ukrinform

Ukrainian vaccine against coronavirus is being tested on mice in the institute in Gdansk, Poland. 

This is reported by UA with reference to Radio Liberty.

It will take two to three weeks to get the results of research on ordinary mice in Poland. Next, Polish scientists will continue the experiment in Krakow (Poland) on transgenic mice vulnerable to human coronavirus. They will be infected with the virus and vaccinated.

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When the laboratory test proves the effectiveness of the vaccine, it should be tested on primates and volunteers. Such studies are very expensive, and it is very difficult to register a vaccine.

“I very much doubt that Ukraine will bring our development, if it will be successful, to the production of purified proteins. Because, it is expensive and there is no technology. The vaccine must be registered, and obtaining an international certificate is very difficult. China still cannot do that” – said Academician Andriy Sibirny.

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