The Ministry of Health intends to start revaccination of the population against coronavirus next year

Photo Ukrinform

Instead of a booster dose, Ukrainians will be offered a full course of revaccination in 2022. The Ministry is not considering the introduction of booster vaccination for all categories of the population.

This was announced by the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Ihor Kuzin in an interview with Rada TV channel, UA reports.

“We plan to use the full course of revaccination next year. That is, a person who received two doses of vaccination in 2021 should receive the same two doses in 2022” – Kuzin said.

Work is currently underway to recommend a booster vaccination for people with chronic diseases that weaken the immune system. There will be no mass introduction of an additional dose for other categories of the population.

However, he noted that it is still unknown whether it will be necessary to revaccinate annually.

To remind, on October 21 in Ukraine 23,785 new cases of COVID-19 (from them children – 1,800, medical workers – 391) were registered. 269,666 people were vaccinated against COVID-19. 184,107 people received one dose, 85,559 people were fully immunized.

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