Ukraine needs to be supplied with weapons and strengthen NATO in Eastern Europe before Russia invades – Herbst

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The Joe Biden administration has not yet supported the initiative of a group of former senior US officials to provide additional weapons to Ukraine and strengthen NATO positions in Eastern Europe before Russia decides on a large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Director of the Eurasian Center at the Atlantic Council (USA), US Ambassador to Ukraine (2003-2006) John Herbst announced this on the air of UA, international broadcasting of Ukraine.

“Our group has now recommended supplying more weapons to Ukraine, weapons that pose a danger to Russian troops in Ukraine. Similarly, NATO should now send military equipment to the East, to the Baltic countries and Poland. That is, even before a possible Russian invasion into Ukraine. In our opinion, then it will be more dangerous for Putin to send his troops to Ukraine. But, unfortunately, so far the [Biden] Administration has not accepted our recommendation” – Herbst said.

In general, he is confident that the White House wants to prevent the possibility of a Russian invasion. But at the same time, Washington is also interested in stabilizing relations with Moscow.

“I believe that from the moment they saw these troops near the Ukrainian borders, their policy is not bad. Because they are talking about sanctions and weapons for Ukraine. And about sending more NATO troops to the East. But, in my opinion, it would be better if they sent these weapons now, if they strengthened NATO in the East now. In my opinion, they have an understanding that it would be terrible if Russia once again invaded Ukraine. But they still want to have, as they say all the time, a stable and predictable relationship with Moscow. And because of this, it seems to me that their policy towards the Russian Federation is weaker than it should be” – the diplomat explained.

Earlier, Herbst said that the war in the Donbas does not reach its goal, so Putin is threatening a full-scale invasion.

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