The United States is considering sending additional weapons and military advisers to Ukraine due to a possible Russian invasion – CNN

Photo Ukrinform

The administration of US President Joe Biden is considering sending additional weapons to Ukraine amid fears of a possible Russian invasion.

This was reported by CNN, UA writes.

These include military advisers and new equipment – the package may include new Javelin anti-tank missiles and mortars. Also under consideration are air defense systems such as Stinger missiles.

“The Ministry of Defense insists on sending to Ukraine some equipment that was to be sent to Afghanistan, such as Mi-17 helicopters. The Mi-17 is a Russian helicopter that the United States originally bought for delivery to the Afghans. The Pentagon is now considering what to do with them after the United States leaves Afghanistan in August. The administration is concerned that the sending of Stingers and helicopters could be seen by Russia as a serious escalation of the conflict” – the statement said.

Retired Lt. Col. Cedric Leighton told CNN that Javelin was “very effective against the T-80 tanks that the Russians are actually using in their efforts against Ukraine right now”. He noted that any additional assistance to Ukraine undoubtedly threatens to “further escalate tensions” in relations with Moscow.

To remind, Danilov reported that Ukraine’s partners assured of assistance in the event of an attack by the Russian Federation.

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