Why do the occupiers near Bakhmut force their infantry to move through mined fields? – a military commentary

Ukrainian defenders are working against the Russian occupiers near Bakhmut. Photo: Facebook/3 separate assault brigade

Over the past 24 hours, many clashes between the Ukrainian Defense Forces and the Russian Army were recorded in the Bakhmut direction. Active fighting is taking place on the northern flank – the occupiers are trying to counterattack Ukrainian forces and move forward. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are conducting active assault operations on the southern flank. The head of the press service of the 26th artillery brigade named after Roman Dashkevich, Oleg Kalashnikov, announced this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“We have had more than 20 clashes with the enemy in the Bakhmut direction over the past 24 hours, very active military operations are underway. On the northern flank this direction is Bogdanivka, Khromivka, Grigorivka. This is where the enemy constantly tries to counterattack us, trying to advance. If we take the southern flank, then the fighting continues here. These are the locations of Klishchiivka, Andriivka, Zelenopole, Kurdyumivka, where both the enemy counterattacks and we carry out assault operations. The artillery works all the time, and does not stop talking. Moreover, both long-range and artillery brigade groups, which also include mortars,” Kalashnikov noted.

The head of the press service also commented on the information that the Russian occupiers force their own infantry to move through mined fields and mine the soldiers’ escape routes so that they do not retreat.

“This is a tactic of desperation. This suggests that the moral and psychological state of the military personnel who are directly on the battle line is very low. Their motivation to go and die is low. Therefore, the command uses any means to encourage them to go die,” Kalashnikov noted.

According to him, there are known cases when those Russian invaders who refuse to go on the offensive are mocked. Moreover, their own command kills them and blows them up with grenades.

“In order to curb mass shirking of their duties, they have been using such tactics for a long time. We knew about the barrier detachments, but mining escape routes is their know-how, a novelty. Especially considering that everything there is already mined. And when a new unit comes in for rotation, they don’t have minefield maps. They don’t know where their mines are, and they also deliver them additionally. The Russians are in a mess there,” summed up the broadcast guest.

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