Russian “wunderwaffe”: innovative weapons of the Russian Federation, which supposedly have no analogues, are assembled from foreign components

Tank T-90. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Orlan-10 and Eleron-3 drones, T-90 Proryv tank and Kynzhal hypersonic missile. All these are Russian weapons, which Russian President Vladimir Putin never tires of boasting about. He repeats that Russia’s Oboronprom is the strongest in the world, because even under sanctions it continues to operate, FREEDOM reports.

“We worked hard on advanced equipment and weapons. The world’s leading armies strive to possess such ideal weapons. Russia has such weapons. No one in the world has anything like it. Someday it may appear, but then our guys will come up with something else,” Putin said

Creating a myth about the invincibility of Russian weapons is one of the most expensive pieces of Kremlin propaganda, for which Moscow has allocated 9 billion rubles this year. ($101.6 million) to the Dialogue organization. At the same time, the obligatory thesis for the media is that all components are domestically produced. The world can only envy, the dictator assures.

“Russian propaganda loves to talk about the latest models of Russian weapons, which are a super new development and have no analogues. Putin simply cannot breathe without talking about the latest weapons based on new physical principles. Einstein is probably spinning in his grave and tearing his hair out,” emphasized military journalist Sergei Auslender.

After almost two years of full-scale war, about a thousand units of captured military equipment ended up in the hands of Ukrainians. She ends up in a special center where specialists study what components the latest Russian weapons consist of and look for ways to counteract them. Not only that, the announced promising weapons very often turn out to be the so-called “wunderwaffe” with extremely exaggerated properties. Also, the filling of Russian samples is entirely imported.

For example, the pride of the Russian “Oboronprom” is the T-90 “Proryv” tank – the main combat vehicle of the country’s armed forces. “This tank is the best in the world,” Vladimir Putin confidently declared. The electronics in it are not Russian at all. The Russians are trying to hide such an inconvenient fact by, for example, erasing markings on processors with a laser.

“Dictators are people who really love to believe in all sorts of nonsense, and among their beliefs is belief in miracle weapons. Hitler also believed in all sorts of “wunderwaffes”, in his tanks that would defeat everyone,” added Auslander.

Another example of actually stolen Russian weapons is the Eleron-3 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), in which the electronics and microchips are completely imported. The situation is the same with the Orlan-10 drone. Contrary to all assurances, this equipment is not Russian. The import is caused by too neat soldering on the microcircuits. According to employees of the Ukrainian Center for the Study of Captured Weapons, at times it is noticeable that the sanctions had an effect and the Russians simply could not put what was planned on the drone, but were forced to urgently look for a replacement. Similar conclusions apply to walkie-talkies, tablets and even missiles.

According to experts, although EU sanctions are working, it is necessary to strengthen control over dual-use goods. And in addition, reduce the volume of supplies of civilian microcircuits for washing machines, toys, scooters and household appliances, from which Russian engineers extract microelectronics for their weapons.

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