Ukrainians do not stock up on food because of news of a possible Russian invasion

Photo Ukrinform

The Kyiv market is a normal working day. There are goods, buyers too. Increased demand, and with it a sharp jump in prices due to news of a possible full-scale invasion of Ukraine, sellers say, did not notice.

This was reported by UA.

“My people used to come to me and go. It seems to me that it does not depend on whether there will be an invasion. But they didn’t stock up anymore” – says the saleswoman.

A colleague agrees with her: “They don’t buy anything in advance, nobody even takes cereals. They started to take cereals even worse. ”

Visitors to the market say they do not buy products in stock, but buy them as needed.

“I don’t buy, I don’t stock up, I haven’t heard anything about the attack” – says the buyer.

“Is the threat of a large-scale war just emerging?” These risks exist for days. And they did not grow. The excitement around them became great. And now they are actively attacking not our land, but your nerves. So you have a constant feeling of anxiety. All our citizens, especially the elderly, need to understand this. Exhale. Calm down. Don’t run after buckwheat and matches” – he said.

To remind, the president Vladimir Zelensky addressed to citizens with a request not to panic because of possible full-scale invasion of Russia.

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