The situation in Ukraine is under control, there is no reason to panic – Danilov

Photo Facebook of the National Security Council

The situation in Ukraine is completely under control. Don’t panic. This was announced today, January 24, following a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov during a briefing, informs the correspondent of UA TV channel.

According to him, there have been a lot of information events in the country lately.

“There is a lot of paramilitary fiction in the media. I would like to appeal to everyone – to reduce a little bit of the heat that exists today. The situation is, it is quite clear to us, there is no reason for us to be with you. I would very much ask everyone to be calm, because when some of the mayors, such as Mr. Klitschko, are going to gather mayors today on the 28th to decide how they will defend our country, we have our Armed Forces, which are able to repel if necessary. For us, there is nothing new about what is happening today” – Danilov said.

He added that each country has its own tasks.

“Each country cares about its country. And when certain things happen, we must first of all analyze calmly and carefully, and draw conclusions for our country. Our country is one, we are not going to give it to anyone and victory will definitely be for If necessary, we will all stand side by side to defend our country, but I would like to emphasize once again that today the situation that has been inflamed by a large number of media outlets, when our politicians are starting to raise this issue, directly deputies We do not see such a situation in the Verkhovna Rada, which will start working in the parliament tomorrow” – the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council said.

Danilov noted that the situation in Ukraine has been difficult since 2014.

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