Ukrainian language became official in one of the cities of Brazil

Photo Ukrainian World Congress

Ukrainian became the official language of the Municipality of Prudentopolis in Brazil. The law with such a decision was unanimously supported by all the deputies present at the meeting.

This was reported by the Ukrainian World Congress, UA writes.

“The municipality of Prudentopolis has already established friendly relations with the Ternopil region, from where the majority of Ukrainian immigrants came to Brazil. The new law will open up new opportunities for exchanging specialists, teaching young people at the university level in Ukraine or by electronic means, remotely” – is written in the statement.

The city council of Ternopil, which is the sister city of Prudentopolis, said that the author of the document is a lawyer, head of the Ukrainian-Brazilian central representation, vice-president of the Ukrainian World Congress Vittorio Sorotiuk.

“In Prudentopolis, the meaning of the Ukrainian language is unique, since there are still publications in the Ukrainian language, religious festivals and radio programs in the Ukrainian language. The municipality of Prudentopolis is called the capital of “Ukrainian Brazil”, because 75% of the total population of the city are ethnic Ukrainians, mainly from the Ternopil region” – the city council said.

Earlier we reported that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the alphabet of the Crimean Tatar language based on the Latin script. The transition to the Latin alphabet is one of the strategic steps in the implementation of the Concept for the development of the Crimean Tatar language.

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