Ukraine should focus on its own development of the military-industrial complex – managing partner of the National Anti-Crisis Group

Taras Zagorodny. Photo:

The help of Western allies in the supply of military equipment and shells is very important for Ukraine, but it is necessary to develop the domestic military-industrial complex and work in synergy. Managing partner of the National Anti-Crisis Group Taras Zagorodniy said this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“You need to understand that when you invest in something, you still think about yourself. We should, of course, expect help from our partners, but consider such help as a bonus. First of all, there should be an emphasis on developing our own military-industrial complex, expanding lending to the military-industrial complex, ensuring the secrecy of the military-industrial complex, insuring military risks, and so on,” says Zagorodny.

According to him, Ukraine already has unique experience in working together with Western partners in the defense sector.

“Now many weapons systems become obsolete literally in a week, in a month, because the war has changed dramatically. And here Ukraine should attract joint production and share it. And this is also a resource that can be traded in order to obtain additional opportunities for expansion and cooperation, and additional weapons,” the expert explained.

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Let us remind you that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with the Ministry of Strategic Industries, are launching a new project called “Iron Range” to support Ukrainian arms manufacturers.