Ukraine’s international partners have promised to act ahead in the case of a Russian invasion – Reznikov


The international partners of the Ukrainian state promised to act in advance in case of Russia’s attack on Ukraine or aggravation at the border.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov declared in the program on the ICTV TV channel, UA reports.

According to him, during numerous meetings in the United States it was said that direct intervention on the territory of Ukraine and aggression by Russia “will be very expensive for it in all senses of the word”.

“I have been assured of Ukraine’s unconditional support. I have been assured that there are very serious consultations taking place between other Allied and EU partners on their readiness to take very decisive steps, and I would like to be ahead. This applies to political steps, economic and assistance to Ukraine” – Reznikov said.

To remind, France is concerned about Russia’s accumulation of forces near Ukraine’s borders and has called on Moscow to refrain from further invasion.

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