Ukraine’s allies outmatch Russia ‘25 to one’: UK calls for more aid to Kyiv

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron. Photo:

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said that he wants Ukraine’s allies to “do more” to help defeat Russia and that together they outmatch Russia “25 to one”.

“Look at what Ukraine’s allies have. If you add up our economies, we outmatch Russia 25 to one. We’ve got the ability to give that diplomatic, military, economic, moral support. We’ve just got to make that difference count,” he said at a security conference in Munich, Ukrinform reports citing Sky News.

Cameron noted UK’s leadership in supporting Ukraine, as London was the first to provide Kyiv with weapons systems and new security guarantees.

Commenting on the aid to Ukraine, Lord Cameron said. “Are we doing enough at the moment? No, I want us to do more”.

He noted that Britain is doing what it can. The European Union has voted through its package to give massive support to Ukraine and now the US Congress needs “to do the same.”

“If all those three things line up, I think that will make a real difference… He’s [Putin] not going to win by testing our patience,” Cameron said.

As reported, on February 13, the U.S. Senate approved a bipartisan funding bill by 70 votes that provides assistance to Ukraine, Israel and other allied countries without taking into account measures to combat immigration. The document must now be approved by the House of Representatives and signed by the President.

The lower house of the U.S. Congress has gone on recess, leaving the aid package for Ukraine approved by the Senate without consideration.

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