Increasing Ukraine’s defense capability is the only way to protect Europe, – head of the Ukraine-NATO Public League

155 caliber shells. Photo:

Russia may attack Europe much sooner than European politicians assume. After all, the attack can be hybrid. This was stated by the head of the Ukraine-NATO Public League, Serhii Jerj, on the FREEDOM TV channel.

This is how he commented on the words of Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkn that NATO has about three to four years to strengthen its defense before Russia decides to test the Alliance’s strength.

“This is a very subjective opinion. The fact is that Russia may start some kind of hostilities or war in a hybrid form. This is not necessarily the movement of a large number of tanks, armored vehicles, aircraft in the direction that they determine for themselves. A hybrid influence is possible with increasing civil society tensions within the country, other factors may be at play. Of course, a lot of attention will be paid to propaganda. And against the backdrop of this, of course, military operations are also possible,” the guest of the broadcast noted.

According to Jerge, NATO did not see the risks for an unreasonably long time, but now everything has become obvious.

“In NATO, over many years, those people who were involved in deterrence and defense retired, and specialists began to work who deal with partnerships, who established partnerships, good, normal relations with other countries. And they perceived Russia in this vein. And even after 2014, when it was obvious that there was already a war going on, everyone hoped, perhaps, for some kind of political solution, for persuasion. But today, it seems to me that all the masks have already been dropped, all the deadlines have passed, and there is no other option: we need to categorically increase the defense capability of Ukraine – this is the only way to protect Europe today,” said the head of the Ukraine-NATO Public League.

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