Ukraine preparing for possible Russian offensive, we need more weapons, in particular long-range weapons – Volodymyr Zelenskyy

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that Ukraine is preparing for a possible new offensive by Russia with the aim of revenge, in particular in the east of our country, and for this, the Ukrainian defense forces need more weapons, including long-range ones. The Head of State stated this at a meeting with media representatives following the 24th Ukraine-European Union summit in Kyiv.

“Russia wants revenge. Revenge exactly where it didn’t work out. It wants to take the east. Our task is not to give them such an opportunity. Do not give it until the moment of strengthening our army with appropriate weapons. I believe that we have every chance,” he said.

Answering journalists’ questions, the Head of State said that despite the active fighting near Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukrainian troops have no intention of leaving the city.

“We will fight as much as we can. We consider Bakhmut our fortress, we consider our heroes who, unfortunately, died there, heroes. If the provision of weapons, namely long-range weapons, is expedited, we will not only stay at Bakhmut – we will begin to de-occupy Donbas, which has been occupied since 2014,” the President said.

Zelenskyy said that all defense needs of Ukraine are specific and our partners know about them.

“We thank all the countries that are with us on this path. Long-range weapons will change the course of the war. We are sure of our victory, but then the victory will be faster,” he said.

Also, according to the Head of State, the enemy may try to take revenge for the defeat near Lyman in the autumn, and the stability of Ukrainian soldiers depends on the weapons and motivation provided not only by partner countries but also by the spirit within the country.

“Our task is to prevent revenge, to prevent an invasion that has already taken place. I emphasize once again: we have every chance, but everyone must understand that we are at war. It is not over. This spirit, and motivation depends on each of us. Do not pay attention to trifles, and deal with the main issue of our state – the war. And without this spirit, I believe, there will be no victory. There will be no Ukraine without victory. Everything is in our hands. We are ready,” Zelensky said.

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