Ukraine needs deeply echeloned air defense system – Air Force spokesperson

Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Illia Yevlash. Photo:

Ukraine needs a deeply echeloned air defense system to protect cities from missile attacks.

Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Illia Yevlash said this on Ukrainian television, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“The situation is extremely difficult, because both air defense stations and missiles are in short supply. The enemy intensively tries to attack with various types of weapons and uses combined attacks. To protect all our objects, we need a lot of such air defense stations, a lot of missiles for them, which, unfortunately, we cannot use yet,” Yevlash said.

According to him, the proximity of such cities as Chernihiv or Kharkiv to the border with Russia is a certain difficulty for repelling missile attacks, as the enemy tries to hide missile strikes, and after a missile is launched, only a few minutes remain to repel the attack.

“Of course, we need different types of systems, a deeply echeloned air defense system, which would include various small-, medium- and long-range complexes, which could protect both themselves and our cities, identify threats and fight them effectively at each stage,” Yevlash said.

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