Ukraine, in its attacks on Russian oil refineries, relies on the objective laws of military strategy, – opinion

Igor Romanenko. Photo:

Ukraine’s attacks on Russian oil refineries (refineries) and military-industrial complex (MIC) enterprises are based on the objective principles of military strategy. The founder of the “Let’s Close the Skies of Ukraine” charity foundation, Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko, stated this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“I call them American-British targets: fuel refineries, weapons factories, aircraft, missile launchers. Why American-British? Because back in 1943-1944, both the Americans and the British, before landing in Normandy, identified these as the main goals. That is, the approaches are based on the objective laws of warfare,” he said.

The lieutenant general noted that Ukraine applies similar principles of military affairs in relation to Russia.

“The question is what should the Americans offer us if we do not attack oil refineries on Russian territory. This means we will hit the occupied territory, the troops, and the warehouses. Give us ATACMS and lift the completely artificial ban on F-16 and Gripen aircraft. All this will be based precisely on the objective laws of war,” Romanenko emphasized.

As he noted, Washington must move away from double standards regarding Ukraine.

“The same Austin (US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin – ed.) at the first meeting of Ramstein said that the goal of the war is to weaken the Russian Federation so much that it is not capable of waging such a war as it is waging in Ukraine. Now we do not see such an approach at all, and there will be further problems if the situation with the supply of weapons does not change. In general, the military-diplomatic process continues,” summed up Igor Romanenko.

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Let us recall that the United States expressed criticism of attacks on Russian oil refineries, fearing the possible impact on world oil markets. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stressed that these Ukrainian attacks could have serious consequences for global energy and called on the country to focus on military action.