Ukraine needs an air shield and reliable security guarantees – Andriy Yermak at the meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission

A reliable and effective air and missile defense system of Ukraine can be integrated with NATO and European systems in the future. This was stated by Head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak during the meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission, which was held in the format of a video conference.

He recalled that at the end of September, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, together with the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament and the Prime Minister, submitted an official application for Ukraine’s membership in NATO. This application means that our country once and for all rejected the option of neutrality or non-aligned status. This is also a demand of Ukrainian society, as about 90% of Ukrainians support joining the Alliance.

“We believe that soon Ukraine will be ready to start the accession process, having passed the MAP in terms of compliance with Alliance standards and the level of interoperability. We believe that Ukraine, as a unique partner of the Alliance in a very special security situation, will have its own smart way to the NATO membership,” said Andriy Yermak.

At the same time, the Head of the President’s Office noted that Ukraine’s joining NATO requires consensus by all the Member States. Until Ukraine reaches it, we need our partners’ consolidated efforts to create effective security guarantees for Ukraine.

“Ukraine has presented the Kyiv Security Compact concept with our proposals on the security guarantees. Our proposals are aimed at mobilizing necessary political, financial, military, and diplomatic resources for Ukraine’s self-defense. These guarantees should protect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and prevent new aggression in the future,” the Head of the President’s Office noted.

According to him, the guarantees’ working principle is simple: Ukraine’s security relies primarily on its ability to defend itself. Ukraine’s effective defense relies on contributions from its allies. 

“The Kyiv Security Compact provides that it should be a joint document on strategic partnership between Ukraine and the guarantor states. These commitments should be reliable, as we can’t accept a new set of non-binding assurances that we have according to the infamous Budapest memorandum,” Andriy Yermak explained.

As stated by the Head of the President’s Office, an important component of such security guarantees is our sky effective protection.

In addition, he emphasized the importance of creating a Special Tribunal regarding the crime of aggression against Ukraine committed by the leadership of Russia.

“We are grateful to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly for supporting the establishment of the Special Tribunal. We call on our partners, in particular the Alliance and its member states, to engage into consultations regarding the international treaty on the issue of its creation. Ukraine has prepared relevant draft documents, which could be the basis for further work towards the establishment of the Special Tribunal,” Andriy Yermak informed.

He reminded that the Peace Formula proposed by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy contains the following ten points:

  1. Radiation and nuclear safety.
  2. Food security.
  3. Energy security.
  4. Release of all prisoners and deportees.
  5. Restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.
  6. Withdrawal of Russian troops and cessation of hostilities.
  7. Justice.
  8. Immediate protection of the environment from ecocide.
  9. Preventing escalation.
  10. Confirmation of the end of the war.

“We don’t know what objects will be hit this time. What we know though, is that Ukraine needs an air shield. What we know is Ukraine needs reliable security guarantees,” the Head of the President’s Office concluded.

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