Ukraine Commemorates Those Going to the Front Armed With a Camera

Photo of Ukrinform-UATV

The official website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense read: “This day is well-deserved and honors the courage and heroism of military journalists who at all times stayed close to our troops in the hottest spots of the front, from the very beginning of the conflict. The heroism of a Ukrainian soldier intertwined with the duty of a military journalist who is at any time capable to sacrifice his own life for a more peaceful and stable Ukraine.”

The Minister of Defense reminded that “on February 16, 2015, the TV and radio editor of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense program “The Breeze,” also an Army Captain, Dmytro Labutkin, died during one of his missions on the front, near the Debaltsevo city.Labutkin tried to film all that he could until his very last moment. He honorably performed both military and journalistic duties. His death greatly motivated Ukrainian officials to make this day a unique one.”

Labutkin’s death will serve from now on as the day that Ukrainian will use to commemorate those who go to the front not only as defenders of Ukraine, but as defenders of the truth, armed with a weapon that goes far beyond the reach of a gun: a camera.