UK will not double-cross Ukraine when it comes to peace deal – Shapps

UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps. Photo: British Ministry of Defence/X

UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps insists that his government would not force the country to sign a shady or unjust peace agreement with Russia under any circumstances.

That’s according to POLITICO.

“There is just no sense at all in which Britain would try to persuade, strong-arm or otherwise, Ukraine into accepting giving up some of their territory. That’s a decision entirely for Ukraine,” Shapps told Times Radio on May 14.

He added that it’s importnat that Vladimir Putin doesn’t win this war and that “it is always unacceptable for an autocrat to walk into a neighboring democratic country”.

The statement comes after the Sunday Times reported that UK Foreign Minister David Cameron had discussed a deal between Russia and Ukraine with Donald Trump during his visit to the US at the beginning of April.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak provided no comment on the claims.

“I haven’t seen this Sunday Times article, so forgive me for that. But what I can tell you is that you we have led when it comes to Ukraine,” Sunak told reporters during a press conference on future dangers facing the UK on May 13.

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