The surrender of the Russian Federation is the only way for a new security system to be formed in the world, – opinion

Serhii Bratchuk. Screenshot:

The peace summit, which will take place in Switzerland, will become a platform for the first steps towards achieving a just peace and the surrender of the Russian Federation. Speaker of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army “South” Serhii Bratchuk said this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“For the first time since the global security system was destroyed due to the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, a new world order in terms of security is being formed. Today, a new platform is being formed where concrete steps will be considered and implemented to make the world safer and Russia to stop its aggressive war against Ukraine,” emphasized Bratchuk.

He recalled that the Kremlin, along with China, have repeatedly tried to issue ultimatums to Ukraine’s partners.

“The forum in Switzerland is of great importance, and this is emphasized, among other things, by the actions of the Russian Federation, which, together with its allies in the “axis of evil”, with China, which is trying to sit on two chairs, actually tried to disrupt this Peace Summit. They made every effort for this,” said Bratchuk.

In his speech the day before, Putin made another attempt to disrupt the Peace Summit, but Kyiv repelled the information attack, the speaker emphasized.

“We’ll have to remember yesterday’s speech by the “bunker Fuhrer.” It was precisely aimed at trying to disrupt the summit at the last moment, to show that we are talking about something completely different, and that this peace forum will supposedly lead to nothing. Therefore, these were actually ultimatums regarding Ukraine and its allies. But, as we see, partner countries and Ukraine, of course, do not fall for such tricks. We managed to repel, in my opinion, this complex information attack of the enemy,” Bratchuk emphasized.

He is confident that in Switzerland, Ukraine and its partners will be able to create a platform where the first steps towards a just world will be taken.

“These are the first steps towards ensuring that Ukraine and the whole world receive a fair end to this war, a just peace, and Russia capitulates and loses. After all, this is the only way for a new security system to be formed in the world. And, most importantly, that there are no more shootings in the center of Europe, that people stop dying, and that Russia receives its well-deserved punishment. Therefore, countries around the world attach extreme importance to the summit in Switzerland. For Ukraine, this is a very important step for us to achieve what we dream of – our victory and peace,” the guest of the broadcast concluded.

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Let us remind you that on June 15, the Global Peace Summit begins in the Swiss city of Bürgenstock. Representatives of countries from all continents take part in it.