Ukraine, together with its partners, is able to create conditions for attracting investors – opinion

Oleg Lisny. Photo:

Investors are ready to cooperate with Ukraine and invest funds. The Ministry of Economy presented 95 investment projects worth about $27 billion. at the conference on the restoration of Ukraine in Berlin. In order for investors to want to cooperate, it is necessary that both Ukraine and Western partners create conditions for this. Oleg Lisny, vice-president of the Politika analytical center, spoke about this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“There are two components that both Ukraine and the West must meet. Investors want transparency, predictability and security. Ukraine needs to demonstrate openness and make it as easy as possible for investors to coexist on our territory. And the West must close the sky over Ukraine. And then the complex of openness and security will allow companies to enter Ukraine more actively,” he said.

For investors, Ukraine is interesting for its territories, resources and potential, the expert is sure.

“Ukraine is a very serious country with serious resources. One of the famous German companies enters Ukraine and begins producing weapons, rather than repairing equipment. This is already a good signal, because this component is very important in cooperation with our partners,” he concluded.

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