The purpose of statements about the need for Russia to participate in the Peace Summit was an attempt to disrupt it, – political scientist

Vladimir Putin. Photo:

Putin, having voiced inadequate demands for the start of supposedly “peaceful negotiations,” laid all his cards on the table: he does not want any negotiations. Now he does not hide it, because his attempt to disrupt the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland failed. And now the countries that believed that Russia should be invited to the summit can see this. This opinion was expressed on the FREEDOM TV channel by political scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences Petr Oleshchuk.

“He doesn’t want any negotiations, he puts forward completely unrealistic demands. And the only goal of all these statements about the need for Russia to participate in the Peace Summit was to disrupt this summit. Now Putin himself has shown this 100%. Probably because it didn’t work out the way he planned it all. This means that you can already lay your cards on the table and show what an inadequate psychopath you really are, that it is impossible to talk to you. But earlier this somehow had to be hidden, because there was hope for the summit: somehow we would continue to manipulate around the topic of peace, around the fact that we are ready to make some kind of agreements and the like. And now it’s clear that there will be no point in these manipulations,” comments the guest of the broadcast.

He emphasized that Ukraine managed to unite so many countries and organizations to participate in the Peace Summit that Moscow, even if it wanted, would not be able to gather even a tenth of such representation.

“The number [of summit participants] is important. It is also important that they represent different regions – there will be representatives from all parts of the world, not just Europe. Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Oceania will all be represented at this summit, most at the level of heads of state. Those that are not at the level of heads of state are at the level of heads of foreign affairs agencies, which is quite serious. And it is obvious that Russia, let’s say, even if it breaks into pieces, it will not be able to collect even a tenth of this representation,” said Pyotr Oleshchuk.

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Earlier it was reported that on June 14, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky arrived in Switzerland for the Global Peace Summit. According to him, the Peace Summit will allow the global majority to take concrete steps in areas that are important to everyone in the world: nuclear and food security, the return of prisoners of war and all deportees, in particular deported Ukrainian children.