A certain evolution of views on China is taking place in the West – analysis by a political scientist

Flag of China. Photo: gettyimages.com

In the West, there is a certain evolution of views regarding China: in addition to proposals, the European Union and the United States of America also have instruments of pressure. This opinion was expressed on the FREEDOM TV channel by political scientist and international affairs expert Maxim Nesvitaylov.

He believes that the civilized world is gradually coming to the realization that China is the next global threat.

“And it is even more global than the Russian Federation. Because China has a much stronger, more viable economy and a large human resource, and also has nuclear weapons, the Chinese navy has developed at a very rapid pace in recent decades, and so on. China is already carrying out a number of such actions to escalate the situation in its region; they are gradually taking over the South China Sea. They recently conducted such exercises on the brink, say, military exercises near Taiwan,” the political scientist said.

Nesvitaylov noted that the civilized world tried to come to an agreement with Beijing, to show it the possibilities of economic interaction, turning a blind eye to the fact that this is a communist, authoritarian regime, very close to a dictatorship.

“And now, it seems to me, there is a certain evolution of views regarding China, regarding the fact that somewhere the time has come to push and show China that, in addition to some proposals and trades from the European Union, the United States also has pressure tools. I don’t think that China will try to take any steps to persuade Russia to peace here and now. But, at least, as far as withdrawing from Russian assistance in terms of circumventing sanctions is concerned, they can really take this step, because the threat of secondary sanctions for the banking system not only in China is now greater than ever,” said the political scientist.

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Let us remind you that the G7 countries will send a new warning to Chinese banks about the consequences of cooperation with Russia, Reuters writes, citing senior American officials.