The Kremlin regime has lost face in the West, there is no way back – opinion

A return to normal relations with the West is out of the question for Putin’s Russia. The only leverage that the Kremlin has left is power: nuclear blackmail, hacker attacks, threats. This point of view was expressed live by the head of the German public organization Austausch e.V. Stefan Melle.

“Regarding relations, for example, with Germany, with the United States, it seems to me that the face of the Russian leadership, the regime is absolutely lost. Everyone sees what is happening: it has been going on for more than 15 months. And in this sense, of course, there is no way back for Putin and his entourage either, because he is a war criminal, a mass murderer,” says the guest on the air.

He added that there is no turning back for Putin and his entourage, not only because the world is witnessing constant shelling of Ukraine, but also because, in a global sense, the owner of the Kremlin does not submit to the international community and international law. Threats remained the main lever for Moscow in relations with the West.

“This is now the only and main lever that they have left. They understand it. Therefore, they wave it like that, because they hope to get some kind of effect, ”said Stefan Melle.

According to him, although there is no need to talk about the global isolation of the Russian Federation yet, more and more countries are demonstrating an understanding that international law, the sovereignty of countries, freedom is a very great value. And it is their protection that is now being discussed in Ukraine.

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Earlier it was reported that it is increasingly difficult for Kremlin propaganda to convince citizens of the presence of allies. After all, even the leaders of the countries that were part of the USSR now often refuse to visit Moscow. On May 31, the President of Eritrea, one of the poorest and most undemocratic countries in the world, met with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Now propagandists say that all of Africa is for Russia. Here are just the largest states of the continent, in fact, are trying to dissociate themselves from the Kremlin. For example, the main opposition party in the Republic of South Africa (SAR) has gone to court to force the government to arrest Putin if he arrives in the country.