Russian authorities do not have a reserve of troops to stop the raids of Russian volunteers, – military analyst

The Russian authorities do not have a reserve of troops to stop the raids of Russian volunteers. To do this, it is necessary to withdraw troops from the front line, but the Russian Federation does not have such an opportunity today, military analyst Oleksiy Getman explained on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“They (the Russian authorities – ed.) care about this, they just cannot do anything. They do not have some kind of reserve of troops that they can get in order to “put things in order.” In order to stop this Russian volunteer corps, or, well, at least take some action, they need to withdraw troops from the front line. Now this is quite problematic for them, because they need to prepare for defense, for our offensive actions, ”the expert said.

Hetman is convinced that the raids of Russian volunteers will continue.

“By and large, this is a territory that is no longer controlled by the central government of the Russian Federation, but is controlled by just these Russian rebels. They come in to carry out sabotage or some kind of reconnaissance action. It is unlikely that they come in order to establish control over some territory, this is already called a little differently, ”added the guest of the broadcast.

Earlier, on May 22, Russian volunteer formations entered Russia from the territory of Ukraine and established control over a number of settlements.

Soldiers of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and the Freedom of Russia Legion held a press conference, during which they summed up the results of the raid in the Belgorod Region. Legionnaires went deep into the Russian Federation for 42 km and during the day controlled some settlements of the Russian Federation. They also managed to seize armored vehicles and weapons of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, some military documents and take a prisoner.

On June 2, the “Russian Volunteer Corps” went on another raid in the Belgorod Region (Russian Federation). The fighting took place in the vicinity of the town of Shebekino.

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