The destruction of the Crimean Bridge will be a strong blow to the Kremlin’s reputation, but will not end the war – opinion

Crimean Bridge. Photo:

When Ukraine destroys the Crimean (Kerch) bridge, the war will not end, but it will be a blow to the Kremlin’s reputation and will greatly depress all “patriots”. However, this will not be the end of the war. Political strategist Abbas Gallyamov expressed this opinion on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“The key factors that will stop the war will be military factors, unacceptably high losses, or simply such a complete defeat and retreat, flight, as was the case near Kharkov,” he believes.

Gallyamov noted that strikes on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea do not mobilize Russians, but rather demobilize them, because they say that the Russian army is far from victory.

“That’s why Russian propagandists can say: “Well, screw you now.” But it’s artificial. And the people themselves, this patriotic community, everyone falls into depression, people are all angry at the military leadership. The only thing the authoritarian public consolidates around is victories. Not around the idea of confronting a common enemy, they will not resist anyone,” the political scientist expressed his opinion.

According to him, no one in Russia will sign up as volunteers and shed their blood to protect Crimea and the Crimean Bridge.

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Let us recall that Russia no longer uses the bridge in the Kerch Strait to supply its troops on the front line and has switched to land routes passing through the occupied eastern regions of Ukraine.