“The beginning of something bigger”: the systematic destruction of Russian air defense in Crimea was analyzed by an expert

Destruction of S-400 in Crimea. Screenshot: /t.me/DIUkraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are actively “hunting” Russian air defense systems in the occupied territories, especially in Crimea. Kyiv is preparing for increased use of tactical weapons such as ATACMS and Storm Shadow missiles, as well as the deployment of F-16 fighter jets. This opinion was expressed on the FREEDOM TV channel by the head of the Center for Military Legal Research, Alexander Musienko.

“The strike in Dzhankoy on April 17 was extremely effective. We saw the results: the S-400 systems were destroyed. I think that the blow is, let’s say, the beginning of something bigger. Because the S-400 systems are the “gateway” to the northern part of the occupied Crimea. Therefore, the goal was not just to destroy the S-400, but something much more: to clear the way for further attacks,” he said.

As the expert noted, it has not been confirmed that the attack on the airport was carried out using ATACMS missiles.

“But, nevertheless, I can state that this is the opening of the road for flights of the same ATACMS. These were preparatory measures, obviously in order to clear the way for further attacks on Russian military targets in Crimea,” he believes.

The blow itself in terms of destruction and scale was “quite weighty,” Musienko emphasized.

“I can say that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are actively hunting for Russian air defense systems in the occupied territories, and are also having success in this: they are hitting both radars and launchers. This is just preparation for the further use of both ATACMS and Storm Shadow missiles, and, I think, for the deployment of the F-16. All the actions of the Ukrainian forces indicate that aircraft are also a matter of the near future,” summarized Alexander Musienko.

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