Serbia’s ammunition ends up in Ukraine through various countries

Illustrative image. Photo: 24th Mechanized Brigade/X

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić confirms that Serbia maintains a flow of its ammunition to Western countries that later hand it over to Ukraine.

This was reported by Financial Times.

“Yes, we export our ammunition. We cannot export to Ukraine or Russia, but we had many contracts with Americans, Spaniards, Czechs, etc. What they do with them should be their concern. Even if I know [where the ammunition goes], it’s not my business,” Serbian President stated.

He also said that the deliveries mentioned are truly worth around €800 million as journalists estimated themselves. However, he clarified that the figures are true if we bear in mind that they span future deliveries.

Serbian ammunition gets so much attention as the country retains the title of the only European country that has not joined sanctions against Russia due to them traditionally being seen as extremely close partners.

In June 2023, Vucic had already claimed that he was aware of re-export of Serbian ammunition to Ukraine. Back then, he also didn’t intend to take any measures on the matter.

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