Netherlands and uknown aide assemble Patriot system to deliver to Ukraine

Patriot air defense system. Photo:

The Netherlands is now able to send a Patriot air defence system to Ukraine, jointly assembled with one more country.

Dutch Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren made a statement on June 21, according to Dutch ANP.

She said that the Netherlands, alongside another country, has obtained all the spare parts to deliver a Patriot air defence system to Ukraine soon.

Kajsa Ollongren didn’t name the state that made it possible to provide another Patriot system to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and traditionally avoided details on the timeline so that Russia is not aware of the information.

With this air defence system and a permit to use Dutch F-16s to strike inside Russia, the Netherlands has contributed majorly to Ukraine’s air defence capabilities.

On June 20, Romania approved handing over one Patriot system to Ukraine, Ollongren mentioned this as ‘very good news’.

In May, the Netherlands suggested that a few countries could join forces to provide a Patriot system to Ukraine.

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