Russia uses new missiles to strike energy infrastructure in Ukraine — Defense Express

Russian Kh-69 air-to-surface missile. Photo: Open sources

On April 11, Russians used its newly-developed X-69 missiles to strike Trypilska Thermal Power Station.

This was reported by Defense Express.

“During the attack on the Trypilska TPP, the enemy used its new X-69 cruise missiles, which allowed it to completely destroy the most powerful power plant in the Kyiv region. This is evidenced by the found wreckage of this missile,” the report reads.

However, it is noted that X-69 missiles were used before April 11, there were some other cases starting February 2024. This time, the launch range of the missiles was estimated at about 400 km compared to the 300 km range know before.

The X-69 is a Russian subsonic cruise missile for tactical aircraft such as Su-34 and Su-35.

“As practice has shown, the use of this missile by the russians, in terms of its consequences for Ukrainians, may be more dangerouse than the use of the Kh-47M2 Kynzhal missile,” Defense Express anylysts claim.

As was reported, destroying Trypilska TPP led to Centrenergo losing all its energy capacity.

In a recent statement, Andrii Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, claimed that Ukraine keeps finding spare parts produced in the West and Asia in missiles Russia launches at Ukraine.

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